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Building Deconstruction

From modest mid-century ranch houses to very large beachfront mansions, Peter has appraised all types of deconstructed buildings.

Antique barns to ultra modern apartments, located all over the country, have had their parts assigned fair market values for donation purposes.

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Many rare salvaged architectural elements, such as stained glass and carved mantels, have also been appraised for insurance coverage.

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"Green" Demolition

and building deconstruction

... is the careful dismantling of building structures for reuse and resale.

My estimate of the total potential fair market value of the material is approximately $5 billion annually..

Hundreds of thousands of buildings in the USA are demolished or remodeled every year. Many contain material that can be reused or resold. The monetary value of this "waste" is $ billions.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Estimates in 1996 that 136 million tons of solid waste was generated by building construction and demolition. Only 20-30 percent of that material is recycled or reused, the rest ends up in landfills.
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